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CRN: ATech on Victorian Government’s Fair Jobs Code register

Published: February 07, 2023
Sarah-Jane Peterschlingmann ATech

ATech on Victorian Government’s Fair Jobs Code register


Feb 7 2023 4:26PM

Brisbane-based cloud hosting and web development company ATech has announced it has earned a spot on the Victorian Government’s Fair Jobs Code Pre-Assessment Certificate Register.

Being added to this register means that all Victorian Government departments and agencies can rely on ATech being compliant with employment, workplace and industrial laws.

The Fair Jobs Code allows the Victorian Government to use its purchasing power to promote secure employment and fair labour standards and to ensure compliance with employment, workplace, and industrial laws.

The Fair Jobs Code Pre-Assessment Certificate Register is a publicly accessible list of suppliers and businesses who have been issued a pre-assessment certificate.

Suppliers and businesses listed in this Register have met the Fair Jobs Code minimum criteria established for the register.

Founded in 2007, ATech works with corporate, tech organisations and government to deliver mission critical hosting and web solutions, specialising in catering for high scalability, availability and security requirements.

The company has also worked with government on all levels, including the federal level, with Airservices Australia and Tourism Australia.

ATech also operates with government on a state level, such as the Department of State Development, Public Safety Business Agency, Queensland Health, ReturnToWorkSA, Seqwater and Tourism Tasmania, and on a local with Brisbane City Council and Ipswich City Council.

It has also hosted websites and web apps for local organisations including Virgin Australia and

Last week, ATech named Michael Burridge as its chief financial officer.

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