Comprehensive and innovative solutions.

Tailored to meet specific needs, these comprehensive and innovative strategies aim to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. By presenting a well-orchestrated package of services, individuals and enterprises can focus on their core objectives, knowing that their systems are in capable hands, free from the stress of day-to-day maintenance.

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Managed Services

ATech offers a comprehensive suite of managed services including full system maintenance and software as a service. With tailored managed services, you can customise the level of support to fit your internal capabilities and capacity.

Ensure your systems are online, secure and performing smoothly with ATech managed services.

A comprehensive backup schedule is deployed and managed to ATech's secondary data centre by way of nightly incremental and weekly full snapshots. This allows for speedy data recovery in the event of data loss or system corruption. Backup frequency and retention times can be customised to suit your business requirements.
Disaster Recovery
Disaster recovery is implemented at ATech's secondary data centre. This ensures that in the unlikely event that the primary data centre goes offline, your system can be brought online from an alternative location. ATech's disaster recovery plan mitigates for hardware, software, connectivity, power or cooling failure, accident, fire, flood, earthquake, physical or virtual security breach and more.

ATech also provides and manages disaster recovery solutions for third party hosted systems, providing you an alternative location and vendor for disaster recovery diversification.
ATech's managed firewall service protects your platform with clustered enterprise grade firewalls and intrusion prevention systems. Firewall security policies and performance are monitored daily with 24/7 alerting and escalation. To properly secure your systems, ATech's Managed Firewall service should be coupled with a comprehensive schedule of System Management services to ensure all systems are monitored and updated with the latest security patches. See System Management below for further information.
System Management
ATech offers comprehensive System Management services tailored to suit your individual business requirements. Whether your organisation is a global software as a service provider, or a bricks and mortar business, ATech can customise a service offering to perfectly fit in with the capabilities and capacities of your team. System Management services cover many major types of operating systems, databases, webservers and applications. We can even help manage custom built applications in many cases.

System Management services include performance monitoring and optimisation, security patching and minor version updates, and troubleshooting assistance.
High Availability
ATech's proprietary methods of platform configuration have a proven track record for delivering high performance and high availability under very high usage conditions where system up-time is paramount. We can design and manage your high availability architecture with N + 1 reduncancy throughout so your risk of downtime is significantly reduced.

In addition to managing load balancing, ATech can develop and manage near real-time replication for a wide variety of systems and applications to reduce recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives in disaster scenarios. This delivers the capability to bring systems online from an alternative data centre location in the unlikely event of primary data centre failure.
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