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ATech is the only team you need to design, build, host and manage software as a service solutions that handle millions of users. Whether you need just a simple hosting service, or a complete project managed from start to finish, ATech's qualified and experienced specialists can help you deliver high quality results every time.

While technical execution is an important part of our business, our understanding and strategic thinking will be an asset when working with you and your appointed partners to bring ideas to life.

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Leverage ATech's high calibre line-up of digital talent to expand the capability and capacity of your internal teams. ATech specialises in big business and mission critical systems. The team is highly experienced in managing large corporate network environments, and software as a service platforms. We can help you deliver world class digital experiences.

Our Australian team has end to end capabilities in software as a service design including user experience, user interface design, and functional systems design.

ATech's consultants engage closely with your team and your appointed third party vendors to rapidly unlock and document business requirements to achieve results that genuinely deliver business value.
Strategy & Project Management
ATech's consultants can assist with all stages of project delivery from early stage concept development and feasibiltiy analysis, through to on-going product development strategy.

Our friendly and responsive approach to project coordination and stakeholder management has a proven track record for delivering results on time, on budget and to a very high quality standard.
Networks, Security & Infrastructure
ATech works with big business and government providing current state analysis, design and troubleshooting assistance for large scale or complex network and infrastructure environments.

Services include firewall and security audits, hands on incident recovery assistance, networks and infrastructure architecture design, and security design.
Disaster Recovery
Mitigate risk of systems failure through redundancy and diversification. Our consultants can assist you with disaster recovery planning and architecture design, or we can manage your disaster recovery for you.

ATech's disaster simulation testing ensures disaster recovery plans and infrastructure are properly documented and can be relied on during a major disaster scenario.
Systems Migration
Whether you need to migrate the operations of an entire large scale organisation from one data centre facility to another, or you simply need to migrate a simple website between hosting providers, ATech has the capability and experience to ensure your migration is as smooth as possible.

Our technicians can assist with asset inventory, asset disposal, lift and shift, legacy system decommissioning, server, website, email and systems migration.
Quality Assurance & Testing
Measurement and management of quality is essential to support evidence based decision making which drives business value.

ATech's consultants can assist you to plan, control, analyse and assure quality with a comprehensive suite of technology and process testing.

ATech's approach is to integrate quality throughout the project by understanding user expectations, behaviour and engagement to deliver systems which exceed expectations.

Services include testing, workshops and monitoring of user experience, usability, accessibility, customer journey, function, load, performance and availability, security and penetration, disaster recovery, and search engine ranking as well as user acceptance testing.


ATech's 100% Australian development team specialises in custom software as a service for high traffic, and high security needs. Bring your next digital idea to life. From easy to manage corporate websites to powerful internal business systems, we can help you deliver business value.

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Responsive websites
Award winning responsive websites, microsites and landing pages built to design with a focus on pixel-perfect implementation, security and robust performance.
eCommerce Stores
Mobile-friendly, responsive online shopping solutions built to handle rapid business growth and high traffic volumes. ATech works with most major payment integrations and ecommerce platforms including Magento and Drupal.

We build and deliver software as a service eCommerce sites - we'll keep everything online, secure and up to date while you focus on your business.
Custom Web Applications
Custom software as a service applications are our specialty. We've delivered numerous online applications including loyalty and rewards platforms, awards solutions, forum and event applications, network monitoring systems, and competition platforms.

Integrations & Widgets
Connect your legacy systems and third party products with custom integrations, APIs and widgets. ATech can assist you to connect both modern and legacy systems across a broad range of technology platforms.
Robust, secure and easy to use intranets for team collaboration and sharing internal information. Built and delivered to you as software as a service.
We specialise in using Drupal as a framework for large-scale, mission-critical websites and applications.
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Managed Services

ATech offers a comprehensive suite of managed services including full system maintenance and software as a service. With tailored managed services, you can customise the level of support to fit your internal capabilities and capacity.

Ensure your systems are online, secure and performing smoothly with ATech managed services.

A comprehensive backup schedule is deployed and managed to ATech's secondary data centre by way of nightly incremental and weekly full snapshots. This allows for speedy data recovery in the event of data loss or system corruption. Backup frequency and retention times can be customised to suit your business requirements.
Disaster Recovery
Disaster recovery is implemented at ATech's secondary data centre. This ensures that in the unlikely event that the primary data centre goes offline, your system can be brought online from an alternative location. ATech's disaster recovery plan mitigates for hardware, software, connectivity, power or cooling failure, accident, fire, flood, earthquake, physical or virtual security breach and more.

ATech also provides and manages disaster recovery solutions for third party hosted systems, providing you an alternative location and vendor for disaster recovery diversification.
ATech's managed firewall service protects your platform with clustered enterprise grade firewalls and intrusion prevention systems. Firewall security policies and performance are monitored daily with 24/7 alerting and escalation. To properly secure your systems, ATech's Managed Firewall service should be coupled with a comprehensive schedule of System Management services to ensure all systems are monitored and updated with the latest security patches. See System Management below for further information.
System Management
ATech offers comprehensive System Management services tailored to suit your individual business requirements. Whether your organisation is a global software as a service provider, or a bricks and mortar business, ATech can customise a service offering to perfectly fit in with the capabilities and capacities of your team. System Management services cover many major types of operating systems, databases, webservers and applications. We can even help manage custom built applications in many cases.

System Management services include performance monitoring and optimisation, security patching and minor version updates, and troubleshooting assistance.
High Availability
ATech's proprietary methods of platform configuration have a proven track record for delivering high performance and high availability under very high usage conditions where system up-time is paramount. We can design and manage your high availability architecture with N + 1 reduncancy throughout so your risk of downtime is significantly reduced.

In addition to managing load balancing, ATech can develop and manage near real-time replication for a wide variety of systems and applications to reduce recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives in disaster scenarios. This delivers the capability to bring systems online from an alternative data centre location in the unlikely event of primary data centre failure.
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