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The Courier Mail: Our start-ups that are set for big future

Published: February 09, 2023
Sarah-Jane Peterschlingmann ATech

There is no shortage of Queensland entrepreneurs who dream that their start-ups will become big money-making business stars.

Angela Young, the director of start-ups and financial education at accounting and advisory firm BDO, is always on the lookout for the next success story. She has come up with a list of 10 Queensland start-ups to watch.

"These are the ones that are finally finding their feet and are getting investment," she said. "These guys have done the hard yards and fought and fought and they are in that growth stage. Some are mostly bootstraps with very little investment and others may have been in business...and have experience behind them.

"But they're determined and focused on what they are doing and doing well."

Ms Young said the list reflected the general state of the economy and the strength of agtech, biotech, data and fintech sectors. She said interest rate increases, inflation and lack of investment impacted on the start-up space.

"There are two schools of thought - one is it's not a good time to do a start-up in this economic climate," Ms Young said. "The other school of thought, and what I believe, is that if you can do it now, you can build the resilience and toughness that you will actually need when times are good.

"It's all about doing something new, something that doesn't exist and with the right ideas there is no reason not to flourish."

Founder: Sarah-Jane Peterschlingmann
Sector: Cloud hosting

ATech delivers mission-critical cloud hosting, websites and digital solutions from a simple hosting service to a complete project managed from start to finish. It has a local and international client list of 600 including airlines, banks and government bodies. Cyber security has become an increasing part of the business. 


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