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ATech’s Peterschlingmann becomes international bestselling author

Published: August 02, 2023
Sarah-Jane Peterschlingmann ATech

Local business leader Sarah-Jane Peterschlingmann hit the Amazon number one spot with the book she co-authored “Wholehearted Leadership Revolution”.

Ms Peterschlingmann is an award-winning entrepreneur, and the sole owner and Managing Director of ATech, a leading Brisbane-based cloud hosting and web development company. ATech’s local clients include Virgin Australia, Seqwater and Brisbane City Council (the largest local government in Australia).

Ms Peterschlingmann said, “I’m thrilled that “Wholehearted Leadership Revolution” has become an international bestseller - and in such a short time from when it was released! 

“In the book, I share my personal journey through entrepreneurship and leadership. I hope that it will inspire readers to take a chance on leading differently - choose to follow your own vision and values, even if other people don’t see it that way!

“Wholehearted leaders lead with authenticity, courage and compassion. “Wholehearted Leadership Revolution” shows how impactful men and women have disrupted worn out methods to lead through crisis and build momentum. Major challenges loom large for our world. However, the good news is there are people who care enough about creating a better world, a better economy, a better workplace, who are willing to step up and lead in a new way.” 

“Wholehearted Leadership Revolution” reached the number one position soon after its release (on 21 July 2023) across the following book categories:

  • #1 Business & Investing
  • #1 Business Management & Leadership
  • #1 Business Mentoring & Coaching
  • #1 Business Organisational Change
  • #1 Business Teams
  • #1 Organisational Learning
  • #1 Self Employment
  • #1 Wholehearted

Ms Peterschlingmann said, “As a woman in tech and business, I have experienced seemingly insurmountable challenges. However, I have stayed true to my vision and values, placing people over profits. I hope that my story can inspire others to unleash their unique power and potential for positive impact in the world.

“ATech is an award-winning cloud hosting company that delivers mission critical websites for large corporations and government. Starting as a web developer, I have grown ATech from humble beginnings to generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue. As a single mother of two, I'm passionate about flexibility, diversity and empathy in the workplace.”

Ms Peterschlingmann’s wholehearted leadership approach has inspired larger organisations including the state government to actively make positive changes, and the wider industry to think differently about what is possible. 

ATech has an industry leading approach to diversity and inclusion, and genuinely supports unique circumstances including pregnancy, breast-feeding, physical disability, autism and non-verbal communication.

Ms Peterschlingmann said, “Remote working was almost unheard of when I started ATech 16 years ago, and diversity, flexibility and sustainability were not the norm. It took a lot of courage to do things differently (people didn't take me seriously!), but the benefits have been significant for the team, their families and the wider community. Now remote working is considered ‘the new normal’. I hope that a wholehearted leadership approach also becomes ‘the new normal’ - leaders leading with authenticity, courage and compassion.”

“Wholehearted Leadership Revolution” is a collaboration between ten inspirational leaders from around Australia and the world:

  • six authors are based in Queensland
  • two authors are based in Victoria 
  • one author is based in the Australian Capital Territory
  • one author is based in the United States of America

“Wholehearted Leadership Revolution” is written for those who lead in business, community or family who want to make positive change in the world.

“Wholehearted Leadership Revolution” can be purchased from Amazon. Go to

All proceeds from book sales go to support Free to Shine, a child protection organisation that prevents school-aged girls being trafficked into the commercial sex industry in Cambodia. The girls are provided with safety education, access to food, water, shelter, uniforms and materials that allow them to continue school education. Funded university places and leadership training supports these vulnerable women to emerge as leaders in their community, contributing to inter-generational change.

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