ATech Boost Incubator - Round 1 Guidelines

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1. About the incubator program

The ATech Boost Incubator is a competitive program targeting high-potential tech startups needing resources to scale.

Selected startups will receive cloud hosting credits and one year of support including technical consultation and business mentoring.

2. Objectives

ATech is committed to nurturing the tech ecosystem, believing that innovative startups are pivotal to economic growth. The ATech Boost Incubator program aims to bolster the tech innovation ecosystem by providing critical resources that startups often find inaccessible or cost-prohibitive.

The ATech Boost Incubator propels tech startups to become tomorrow's leaders by reducing barriers to scaling and enabling startups to focus on commercialisation activities.

3. Eligibility criteria

3.1 Who is Eligible?

Eligible applicants include tech startups with an active Australian Business Number (ABN), employing fewer than 50 people, that are registered for GST, and present a significant growth opportunity.

4. Assessment criteria

4.1. Eligibility assessment

Applications will be screened for eligibility. Ineligible applicants will not be assessed further.

4.1.1 Business idea and market readiness

Applications will be closely reviewed for signs of market fit and growth potential. This includes the market readiness of the technology, its competitive advantages, and other key aspects that may be essential for the startup's success. The evaluation of growth potential and scalability will place emphasis on the applicant's business plan and strategy. Startups should demonstrate they have a strategic approach and a realistic pathway to achieving profitability.

The incubator is searching for teams with a proven track record of execution and industry expertise. The assessment will focus on the team's ability to navigate the startup's growth trajectory, including their experience, skill set, and dedication to the project. Diversity of the team's background and its contribution to a well-rounded skill set will also be considered a positive attribute.

4.1.2 Demonstrated Traction

Applicants must provide evidence of demonstrated traction which may include revenue, customer acquisition, or partnerships. Priority will be given to startups that not only exhibit a clear growth trajectory but can also demonstrate they have effectively engaged with their target market. Established or increasing revenue and a growing customer base are indicators of a startup's momentum and potential for accelerated growth.

4.1.3 Diversity and Impact

Reflecting our commitment to diversity and impact, the incubator aims to support startups driving meaningful change. We particularly welcome applications from founders who are underrepresented in the technology sector, including but not limited to women, first nations peoples, and individuals from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Startups with a clear commitment to sustainability and positive societal impact will be considered favourably. The assessment will include how the startup's products or services contribute to environmental preservation, improve societal welfare, or address significant community challenges.

4.1.4 Opportunity and need for support

The panel will assess how the startup's solution addresses a substantial market need and the potential for impact both domestically and internationally. Scalability is key; hence, a clear demonstration of how the startup plans to scale operations and distribution is critical for a favourable review.

The assessment panel of the ATech Boost Incubator will evaluate the pressing needs of each startup, particularly focusing on how the costs of cloud hosting could hinder the startup’s ability to survive and expand in the competitive market.

By understanding the proportion of resources spent on maintaining and scaling digital infrastructure, the panel can gauge the degree to which reducing these expenses through the ATech Boost Incubator would enable the startup to allocate more funds toward growth-driven initiatives.

5. How to apply

Submit your application through the ATech Boost Incubator page on our website by clicking on the "Apply" button. 

5.1. Attachments to the application

Attachments are not mandatory, however applicants are encouraged to include the following with their application to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of their startup by the assessment panel:

  • A brief business plan or pitch deck.
  • A link to a video pitch of no more than 2 minutes.

Some content that you may wish to highlight in your attachments:

  • A summarised business plan
  • Cash flow history and projection highlighting the benefit of reducing cloud hosting costs.
  • Evidence of technological innovation and market readiness, such as patent documents, product specifications, or customer testimonials.
  • An organisational chart of your team, highlighting key roles and the diversity of members.
  • Documentation of demonstrated traction, like revenue statements, user growth analytics, or letters of intent from potential partners.

6. The selection process

All submissions are first subject to an initial screening process. This preliminary evaluation is to ensure that applications comply with eligibility criteria and are complete. During this phase, the assessment panel will discard any applications that do not meet the basic submission requirements.

Following the initial screening, eligible applications undergo a comprehensive review by the assessment panel. Each member of the panel leverages their expertise to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the application against the selection criteria. Shortlisted applicants may be contacted for further information if required.

Decisions are made based on the alignment of the startup's goals with the mission of the ATech Boost Incubator, the potential for growth and impact, and the overall strength of the team. Startups that pass through this stringent process will be offered a place in the upcoming cohort of the Incubator program. Up to three startups will be selected each quarter for the incubation program.

7. Notification of application outcomes

All applicants, whether successful or not, will be notified of the results via email. Successful applicants will receive details on the next steps and how to prepare for their participation in the Incubator program.
Participants will be notified of their acceptance within two weeks of selection.

7.1. Announcement of successful applicants

We will publicly announce and promote non-sensitive details of successful applicants. This information may include: name, description of the startup, industry focus, and funding received. This will help to promote your business and highlight your achievements to potential investors and partners.

8. Incubation delivery

8.1. Incubation agreement

Upon acceptance into the ATech Boost Incubator, startups are required to enter into an Incubation Agreement outlining the terms of participation, expectations, and obligations of both the startup and ATech. The approval of the agreement may have specific conditions determined by the assessment process. We will identify these in the offer of incubator funding.
You will have 30 days from receipt of the offer to execute the Incubation Agreement. During this time, we will work with you to finalise details. If you do not sign the agreement within this time, the offer may lapse.
During the incubation program, participants are expected to focus on scaling their business through commercialisation activities. 

8.2. Incubation benefits

Startups accepted into the ATech Boost Incubator will have access to a suite of resources tailored to accelerate their development including cloud hosting credits, technical consultation and mentoring.

8.2.1. Cloud hosting credits

Participating startups will receive an allocation of AUD$100,000 in cloud hosting credits as part of their acceptance into the ATech Boost Incubator. These credits can be used on the ATech Rocket platform during the Incubation Period. 
The credits are intended to mitigate hosting expenses and allow startups to focus on scaling their applications and services without the immediate burden of operational costs. To facilitate the efficient use of these credits, a dedicated account manager and infrastructure consultant will guide startups through the best practices for cloud resource management.
The cloud hosting credits should be used for activities directly related to your startup's core business operations hosted on the ATech Rocket platform. Credits can be utilised for server usage, data storage, and data transfer cloud infrastructure costs.
Eligible activities include:

  • Running production environments of a website or web application for commercial use
  • Running development and test environments to support new and on-going product development
  • Running product demonstrations for prospective customers, partners, or investors.

Ineligible uses include hosting unrelated to your core business, such as a computer game server, unless it's directly related to your business model.

8.2.2 Technical consultation

In addition to cloud hosting credits, startups have the option to receive up to 36 hours of technical guidance from a senior cloud infrastructure consultant experienced in scaling mission critical web applications. This personalised guidance helps startups to rapidly and efficiently scale their technical infrastructure.

The timing and nature of consultation will be tailored to meet the unique needs of each startup. These sessions are designed to address specific technical challenges, guide product development, and ensure that the architectural framework of your technological solutions will be able to scale smoothly even with a rapidly growing user base.

8.2.3 Mentoring

The incubator program also offers 10 hours of mentorship tailored to the unique needs and growth aspirations of each startup. This support helps startups navigate challenges, make strategic decisions for sustainable growth, and build connections within the tech ecosystem.

Startups will have access to an experienced mentor who will offer guidance and share insights. Through one-on-one sessions, mentees will have the opportunity to refine their business models and work towards specific milestones that align with their growth trajectories. The mentorship program is designed to provide startups with the support and accountability necessary to propel them through their entrepreneurial journey.

8.2.3 Incubation period

The program runs for 12 months. Any unused credits or consultation hours will be forfeited at the end of the incubation period.

Selected startups will begin their incubation journey according to their intake period. 
At the conclusion of the program, startups will have the option to present their progress and future plans to a gathering of investors and industry leaders at the ATech Boost Graduation Day, a key event that could open doors to further funding and strategic partnerships.

9. How we monitor your incubator activity

9.1. Keeping us informed

As a participant in the ATech Boost Incubator, you are encouraged to maintain open lines of communication with the program coordinators.

You must inform us immediately if you become aware of a breach of terms and conditions under the Incubation Agreement.

You must inform us immediately if there are key changes to your organisation or its business activities which could affect your ability to complete the incubator, carry on business, or pay debts when due.

9.2. Reporting

All startups participating in the ATech Boost Incubator program are required to submit reports in line with the Incubator Agreement.

9.2.1. Progress report

Progress reports must include updated growth metrics, product development updates, and any significant pivots in business strategy.

9.2.2. End of incubator report

On completion of the Incubator, you must submit an end of incubator report. The report must include updated growth metrics, key achievements, and future plans.

10. Program evaluation

ATech will evaluate the overall impact of the Boost Incubator program across the entire cohort of startups. We may use information from your application and reports for this purpose. We may also ask you for more information to help us understand how the incubator impacted your organisation. We may contact you up to two years after you finish your incubation to assist with this evaluation process.

11. Probity

11.1 Conflicts of interest
11.1.1. Disclosure of Conflict

Successful applicants are required to immediately disclose any actual or potential conflicts of interest that may arise during the incubation period. An active conflict management strategy will then be adopted to mitigate any negative impact on the ATech Boost Incubator or other startups within the program. Incubator coordinators should be notified in writing, detailing the nature of the conflict and the parties involved.

11.2. How we use your information
11.2.1 How we handle your confidential information

We will treat the information you share with us as sensitive and, consequently, confidential, under the following conditions:

  • Clearly mark the information as confidential and state reasons for its confidentiality.
  • The information is commercially sensitive.
  • Disclosure of the information would unreasonably harm you or others.
  • You share the information with the expectation of confidentiality.

11.2.2 When we may disclose confidential information

We may share confidential information under the following circumstances:

  • with team members and partners to facilitate effective program management,
  • in cases where legal requirements mandate disclosure,
  • with your consent,
  • or if the information has been made public by a party other than us.

11.2.3. How we use your personal information

Information relating to successful incubator applicants may be included in media releases and other promotional activity. This may include the recipient’s name, details of the ATech Boost Incubator awarded, and publicly available information about the recipient. Sensitive information such as financial information will not be disclosed without your consent.
Your personal information will be handled in accordance with the Information Privacy Act and will not otherwise be used or disclosed unless authorised or required by law.

11.3 Enquiries and feedback

For additional details or clarification, please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected]. Your inquiries may be featured on our website as part of our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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