ATech Boost Incubator - Round 1
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ATech Boost Incubator?

The ATech Boost Incubator is a tailored program for tech startups that are ready for rapid growth. We offer $100,000 in free cloud hosting services, one year of expert mentorship, and resources to help your tech startup skyrocket without incurring any costs.

Who can apply?

Eligible applicants include tech startups that have an active Australian Business Number (ABN), employ fewer than 50 people, are registered for GST, and present a significant growth opportunity.

What funding and support is available?

Selected startups will receive up to $100,000 in cloud hosting credits on ATech Rocket, our adaptable virtual application hosting platform. Additionally, startups get 36 hours with a senior technical consultant and 10 hours of personalised business growth mentorship.

What cloud hosting costs are eligible?

The cloud hosting credits can be used to cover scalable cloud infrastructure expenditures including but not limited to server usage, data storage, and transfer fees on the ATech Rocket platform, aiming to support a year’s worth of most startup web operations. Cloud hosting credits may not be used for purposes unrelated to your core business. For example, hosting a computer game server is not a permitted use of cloud hosting credits unless your business specifically relates to computer games.

What attachments will I be required to submit?

It is not mandatory to include attachments or a video as part of your application, however, we encourage you to submit a brief business plan, pitch deck, or video pitch to support your application. If your startup is shortlisted for selection, you may be required to submit further documentation or evidence if requested.

What is the incubation period?

The ATech Boost Incubator program spans one year, offering long-term support for sustainable growth.

Where can I apply?

Applications can be submitted directly through our website. Visit the ATech Boost Incubator page and click on the "Apply" button to get started.

Can I submit a late application?

Unfortunately, to maintain fairness and order in the selection process, late applications cannot be accepted.

Can I submit a joint application?

Joint applications are not permissible. We encourage individual tech startups that meet our eligibility criteria to apply.

Can I submit multiple applications in the same round?

Each startup is limited to one application per round to ensure equal opportunities for all.

Can I apply in the next round if I am unsuccessful in this one?

Yes, startups that are not selected in the current round are welcome to improve their application and reapply in subsequent rounds.

Will there be any public information sessions?

Yes, we will host information sessions and webinars. Subscribe to ATech News on our website to stay updated on session dates and times.

If successful, when can I commence my incubation?

Successful applicants can begin their one-year incubation program immediately after selection.

I heard that mentoring will be offered under the program. How will this be delivered?

Mentoring will be provided by seasoned technology entrepreneurs, delivered virtually in the form of one on one sessions. Each session will be tailored to meet the specific needs of your startup and help meet your growth aspirations.

What does it mean to be a "tech-based" startup or scale-up?

A "tech-based" startup or scale-up refers to a business that fundamentally relies on technology to produce its product or service. This can involve software development, AI, data analytics, or any innovative platform that disrupts traditional industries with a tech-forward approach. The core operations should be centred around a web based technology solution that is scalable and has the potential to significantly impact the market or solve complex problems.

What does it mean to have "high growth potential"?

Having "high growth potential" means that a startup is expected to substantially increase its revenue, customer base, and market presence in the ensuing years. Startups that are often seen as having high growth potential exhibit innovative business models, scalable technology, strong market demand, and a robust plan for expansion. For the purposes of the ATech Boost Incubator, we look for ventures that aspire not just to grow, but to do so at an accelerated pace and with the ambition to make a significant impact on the industry or society at large.

We hope this FAQ section helps you better understand the ATech Boost Incubator and sparks excitement to apply. 
For more information, ensure to review the detailed guidelines and terms on our landing page

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